Bridge – About Us

North Balwyn Bowls Club

The Friendly Club

The North Balwyn Bowls Club is an incorporated body that has introduced the game of Bridge into its program.  Bridge players meet and play regularly in a friendly atmosphere.

The entire club is managed by volunteers who serve in various capacities from Directors on the Board of Management, to serving on committees pertaining to the sport of Bowls and another group of Members form the Bridge Steering Group.

Bowls players are full fee-paying Members of the Club which entitles them to play Bridge also.  Bridge Members can participate in Bridge and Social activities under Social Membership.

North Balwyn Bowls Club – Bridge Group

Club Objectives and its expectations of members

  • To provide a warm and welcoming environment at all times
  • To befriend and welcome all people irrespective of their background, personality, beliefs and like matter
  • To provide the opportunity for social contact and interaction with other people
  • To show tolerance and be of benefit to members and mindful of their interests and welfare
  • To introduce people to the game of Bridge
  • To befriend and welcome all new people irrespective of their level of their Bridge skills
  • To assist beginners in a friendly and supportive environment totally free of pressure and stress of any kind, to improve and gain experience as they endeavour to become more competent and confident players
  • To provide a reasonable standard of game of Bridge in a moderately competitive environment while exhibiting tolerance for those still learning the game
  • To encourage all players to pursue improvement at Bridge and do everything possible to facilitate this whether playing inside or outside the Club
  • To educate and encourage all players to conform to the Rules and Etiquette of the Game of Bridge
  • To encourage all members to embrace the spirit of volunteerism by giving as freely as they can of their time to assist with the tasks needing to be done in order for for the Club to run smoothly and efficiently