WhatsApp – Find a partner

We are now using the Whatsapp group to find a Duplicate Bridge partner. Join this group if you need to find a bridge partner for an upcoming NBBC/NBC duplicate session. We encourage you to join now as you may need it in the future.

The guidelines for this new process are:

  • Sign up to WhatsApp on your mobile phone. If you have trouble signing up and using the App, please call Barbara Holloway.
  • Make sure your profile details are up-to-date with your name & phone number. You can do this by:

In the NBBC Find a Bridge Partner screen touch the back button to go back to the Chats Screen

In the Chats Screen touch the settings icon

In the Settings screen touch your profile at the top to show your profile.

In the Profile screen check/update your details as required. To return to Chats, touch the back button.

  • If you need a partner for an upcoming session, post a message like the following:
    • Hi I need a partner for Thursday 1st Feb” (no need to say who you are or your contact details, because that information is evident from your profile and as the author of the post)
    • If you see a post like this, and want to partner the person, call them using their profile contact details, and agree to play together, then post a message “David now playing with me”. (again your details are evident as author of the post)
  • There will be no options to find a bridge partner at the club on the day of play.