Bridge – changes to communications

In the coming weeks there will be 2 changes that will affect our Bridge community

1. Change to Email list

We will be transitioning our Bridge emailing list over to TidyHQ.  This means we will be using the data in TidyHQ to send out Bridge emails. 

NBBC Members need to log into TidyHQ and review your profile data. Make sure:

  • your contact email is correct
  • you have ticked the box “Bridge Player”
  • you have entered your Bridge numbers – NBBC Bridge number & ABF number (if you have one),
  • then save your profile data, using the save button at the bottom of the screen

NBBC Non-members – will we maintain a small list which we will maintain in TidyHQ so that our long-time valued friends continue to be kept up to date with Bridge news.

2. Change to contents of Results Email

We will be transitioning the contents of our Results email by removing the Leaderboards and providing a link to the results page on our website.  For one year now we have been duplicating this information – providing it in the email & on our website.  I encourage you to take a look at our Results page now to see the last 3 weeks of session results by clicking on the link to the NBBC website Results Page