Membership RENEWAL

Membership Renewal for 2020-21 Postponed

Our membership year ends on 31 March and normally membership fees for the new membership year are due on 1 April and payable by 30 April. However, membership renewal for 2020-21 has been postponed. The NBBC Board emailed this advice to members on 26 March 2020.
“…, these difficult times have continued to impact our Club. As we are essentially in a lockdown, the Board has conferred in relation to Memberships for 2020-2021 which are due on 1st April. A decision has been taken to postpone the Membership renewals whilst the current conditions prevail. This will be reviewed on an ongoing basis and we will let you know when the position changes. All current memberships will remain valid until that time.”

When the Board announces its decision to start the membership renewals process, an email will be sent to members with information about fees, payment methods and the online renewal form. This information will also be posted on this website page.